an NFNC weekend mini-camp for the Eugene area

Dec 1-4, 2016 at the Yachats Inn, Yachats, OR

Thanksliving is a place to deepen the connection of the Eugene NFNC community, a place to welcome our friends from a far to visit us, and a place to welcome new Eugene friends into our community.

It is a place to connect, touch, grow, risk, relax. 

We will have a full schedule of workshops, connecting activities, Forum, and dance from Thursday to Sunday. 

Our hope is that this camp helps strengthen us as a community, bringing more connection, more honesty, more joy.

For folks who have never attended a NFNC camp. Start by reading the front page of

Our camps build a deep community of growth and connection.

 To quote the NFNC page, “NFNC seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, radical honesty, equality, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of community.”

People who take responsibility for their feelings and actions, who are willing to be vulnerable and transparent, who are willing to risk, and explore, and who honor both their own needs and desires, and the desires or others and the group, tend to love NFNC camps, and are loved and appreciated by others.

**A short comment on the “sexual freedom” piece. This is only one part of the emphasis at NFNC camps, and not the most important one. But given the culture we come from, it gets a lot of attention. We believe in the beauty of touch and sex, and we believe in the importance of consent and personal choice. 

NFNC members have a variety of sexual and relationship profiles, from adventurous and active to slow and shy, from monogamous to polyamorous, and spaces in between. As long as you can honor your own desires and preferences, and honor those of others, there is a place for you here.

Thanksliving Camp Registration Form

Download the printable version here!

Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Phone #s: ______________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________
Date of Birth (optional): _________________ Gender: _____________
Emergency contact:
Name: ____________________________________________________
Relationship: ___________________________________________________
Phone number: __________________________________________

Lodging Preference:
______ I will stay 4 to a suite
______ I will stay 4 to a suite, but I want a bed. You share a space, but get the bed (or hide-a-bed).
______ I will stay 4 to suite, and will share a bed with _________ (this person must be registered and list you also)

______ I want my own space. You get either bedroom or living area to yourself.

Payment calculation for Residential New Culture Thanksliving Camp:

Choices for 3 day camp
 Choices for 2 day camp
3 days, Own room- Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $280
  2 days, Own room -Friday through Sunday 5pm - $190 
3 days Own bed -Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $210
2 days, Own bed - Friday through Sunday 5pm - $145
 4 to a suite, 3 days- Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $140/ person
 4 to a suite, 2 days Friday through Sunday 5pm - $95 per person
 RV- 3 days -Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $140/ person
RV- 2 days, Friday through Sunday 5pm - $95 per person  
Cost including housing option:  $__________
Paying now:   Full payment $__________
OR  1/2 Deposit due now $_______, remainder _______due by Nov 18.
How to Register

To Pay by Check: (preferred)

1. Please print this form, fill it out and send before Oct 28. (we have a limited amount of spots and will probably fill early, so register asap)

2. Mail with your check to: Thanksliving Camp, c/o Amara Karuna,

PO box 41811, Eugene, OR 97404 

Make check out to Kim Krichbaum

Also Please tell Amara that you sent it via email! <>


To Pay Electronically using Paypal:

     1. Please download the reg form, copy it into an email, fill it out and email it to <[email protected]>

That is for registration only!  Not the payments!

2. To Pay:  then log in to your Paypal Account, and send your payment to 

[email protected]

Please pay in full by November 18.

A deposit of 1/2 of your fees will hold your space. 

For additional information or if you have further questions please contact

Amara 808 982 6755  <>

Workshops and Presenters

Amara Karuna, 

     Amanda Krichbaum, 

        Dr. Carlene Schultz,

            Lisa Stein, 

                  Reba West and more!

Our workshops will include Shamanic Practice with Dr. Carlene Schultz,

A dance workshop modeled on Dancing Freedom, 

3 Minute Games conscious touch practice,

Puja-intimacy practice, 

Zegg Forum, 

Interbeing practice, 

Conscious cooperative singing, 

practice asking great questions and more.


We will be staying at the beautiful Yachats Inn in Yachats OR. There is a pool, a hot tub, and we are literally right next to the beach. There is a large group space for workshops and gatherings called the Teahouse, and a large attached kitchen. We will also have one suite reserved as a temple for intimate connections.

We will be staying 4 to a suite unless you make other arrangements (see below). Suites have two queen sized beds, one in the bedroom, and a hide-a-bed in the living room. If you are staying 4 to suite, some folks will have to stay on the floor or share beds.

We have a limited amount of spaces, so please register early to make sure you get a spot.

Here are the costs:

BUDGET - 4 to a suite, come prepared to stay on floor, or sharing a bed with someone whom you register with

Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $140 per person

Friday through Sunday 5pm - $95 per person

OWN ROOM - You get either bedroom or living area to yourself.

Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $280

Friday through Sunday 5pm - $190

OWN BED - You share a space, but get the bed (or hide-a-bed).

Thurs 3pm through Sunday 5pm - $210

Friday through Sunday 5pm - $145


Every person will bring a sumptuous potluck dish, for 10 if you come on Thursday, for 8 if you come on Friday. This food option has been used at dance retreats at this location, and we have all eaten well! There is refrigeration space for either prepared dishes, or for raw ingredients to cook on site.  Bring your own breakfasts and lunches.

Energy Contributions -

Every person at Thanksliving will perform some small service, either leading a workshop, helping with set-up or tear down, or helping with kitchen clean up.

NO drop-ins – to support our group connection, all those who attend must be present by 7pm on Friday for connection and orientation.

Please contact Amanda at [email protected] if you are interested in leading a workshop or activity. There are a limited amount or workshop slots and preference will be given to people who have experience presenting to groups.